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Flamenco Dance Class with Belinda Martin La Vida Dance School Endeavour Hills Melbourne Dance Studio


☆ Experience a culturally rich  journey through DANCE with Worldly Sounds Colours & Flavours ☆

If you dance with true expression and feeling then you are opening doors you never knew were there!

☆ Dance from the Heart Body & Soul  ☆

🌹 La Vida Dance School 🌹

Established SEP 2010 by Belinda Martin 

Our Friendly Warm Intimate Flamenco Dance Studio

is in Endeavour Hills Melbourne Victoria Australia 


FLAMENCO DANCE CLASSES : Mesmerising Fiery Graceful Spirited Powerful ☆

☆ LATIN DANCE CLASSES : Infectious Uplifting Energetic FUN & Friendly  ☆ 

☆ Stretch & Body Conditioning Dance Exercise Classes for Fun & Fitness  ☆


Wedding Dance Lessons-Bridal Waltz Couples :: 2-1 ☆

Private Dance Lessons :: 1-1 ☆


Prepaid Packages : Wedding/Bridal Waltz & Private Dance Lessons

🔥 Flamenco Dance Classes 🔥

☆ Beg-Open Levels  Technique Choreography Musicality 


✅ TUES  Flamenco Dance Class 

 Beg 2-Open Levels-Inter @ 6:30pm-8pm


Intricate Rhythms Dazzling Footwork Turns & Palmas

 Technique/Choreography & Musicality

✅ THURS Flamenco Dance Class

Absolute Beginners-INTRO @ 6:30pm-8pm 


 Lighthearted Fun & Friendly Adults Dance Class 

Prepaid TERMS Offered ☆


✅ 10 Weeks Full Term ☆ 1.5 Hrs ☆ Weekly On-Going Dance Classes ☆

Elegant Graceful Guajiras with Spanish Fans/Shawls & Castanets 

Joyful Alegrias Intricate Dazzling Fiery Footwork with Mantons 

Cheeky Fast Bulerias Freestyle/Improvised 

Fiery Mesmerising Turns Hands Body Movements

Strong Powerful Farrucas 

Soulful Passionate Soleas

Traditional  Sevillanas/Castanets 

Lighthearted Lovely Fandangos 

Castanets/Palmas/Rhythm Based Dancing

Empowering Fiery Tangos with Fun Spanish Rumbas : Fiesta Style

Min Requirement is to Dance FLAMENCO on a  Raised Wooden Floor

Bring your Long Colourful Skirts for Swishing  & Flamenco Dance Shoes or

Cuban BLOCK Low Heels/Closed Toe Shoes or Boots with CHUNKY Heels  👢


Our Dance Studio is tailor made for Flamenco with a raised Wooden Floor & 2 sides Mirrors 

Learning a new skill takes time requires dedication & is challenging

Flamenco Dance is an Artform : Spanish Music & Dance 


What are the Characteristics of Flamenco ? 

 The freedom and pride of the posture, flirtatious movements by the female, desplantes and the richness of bodily expression, sensitivity and profoundness of the movements.


Why do you love Flamenco ? 

It speaks to my soul. It's not just learning some dance steps, it's learning a culture, it's history, a feeling, a song and it's lyrics, a rhythm. It is a dance form that can be an in depth, lifelong study or practiced for the pure enjoyment of moving in the moment.


Is Flamenco improvised? 

 Yet although flamenco is improvised, improvisation requires many years of study and practice. Each artist has a code and a language, and knows the different flamenco forms and the structure corresponding to the singing in each of them. The code and language allow dancers to improvise while on stage.


Flamenco is made up of four elements, Cante (Voice), Baile (Dance), Toque (Guitar), and the Jaleo, which roughly translated means 'hell raising' and involves the handclapping, foot stomping, and shouts of encouragement. 


Many of the details of the origins of flamenco are lost in Spanish history. The mysteries of the passionate, classical music and dance of Spain, also extend to the very word “flamenco”. Flamenco is used to describe a way of life centered around this uniquely Spanish music.



What Kind of Story does Flamenco tell ? 

These stories are not written down – they are not tangible. Instead, they are told through song and dance to express intense emotion and relationship. The story is so powerful, that in order to be fully understood, it should be told through the body and music (2 Aug 2013)


Flamenco, which UNESCO recently recognized as part of the World's Intangible Cultural Heritage, is a complex art form incorporating poetry, singing (cante), guitar playing (toque), dance (baile), polyrhythmic hand-clapping (palmas), and finger snapping (pitos) (24 Oct 2019)


Your Dance Journey Begins Here!

INTROFoundation/Absolute Beginners :: MIN ☆ 3 Months-6 Months 

☆  Elementary/Beginners ::   1yr-3yrs

Open Levels Technique-Choreo :: Intermediate 4ys-7yrs 

Open Levels Musicality-Technique Choreo :: Advanced MasterClasses 8yrs or more

Flamenco Dance Classes with Belinda Martin @ La Vida Dance School in Endeavour Hills Melbourne Dance Studio : 2022
Adults Infectious Fun & Friendly LATIN-Mix & Stretch Dance Classes with Belinda Martin : Cuban Salsa Brazilian Samba Sensual Bachata Argentinian Tango Elegant Waltz
Infectious Fun & Friendly Latin Dance Classes @ La Vida Dance School Endeavour Hills Melbourne Dance Studio with Belinda Martin

Latin Dance Classes 

 Latin-Stretch Dance Exercise Classes for Fun & Fitness 

☆ Cuban Salsa ☆ Sensual Bachata ☆ Brazilian Samba 

☆ Argentinian Tango ☆ Elegant Waltz ☆ Latin/Spanish Pop Social Party Dancing 


MON & ✅ WED @ 6:30pm-8:30pm

 ☆ 1 Hr  ☆ 1.5 Hrs ☆ 2 Hrs  ☆ Weekly Dance Classes 

☆ Prepaid Terms : 6 Weeks Beginners-Open Levels  

Infectious Upbeat Energetic Fun Friendly Adults Latin Dance Classes 

Beginners Intro : Freestyle Social Party Dancing (Many styles taught)

Friendly Fun & Fitness : Comtemporary Dance & Dance Exercise Classes 

Groovy tunes to uplift, free your spirits or take you on a journey to

Rio de Janeiro, Bueno Aires, Latin South America, Tropical Island beats.

All Foreign Island Dancing & Rhythms



Wedding Dance Lessons/Bridal Waltz/Couples Specialized Lessons 2-1 @ La Vida Dance School
Wedding Dance Lessons 2-1 @ La Vida Dance School Endeavour Hills Melbourne Dance Studio  & Private Dance Lessons 1-1  Wedding Dance Practice 2-1
Wedding Dance Lessons/Bridal Waltz/Couples Specialized Lessons 2-1 @ La Vida Dance School
Wedding Dance Lessons 2-1 /Specialized Couples Dance Lessons 2-1 Private Dance Lessons 1-1 @ LVDS

Wedding Dance Lessons 2-1  

Private Dance Lessons 1-1 

Are you getting married ? Preparing to dance with your partner at a special occasion? 

Want to look good dancing whilst having fun ?

Need a few Specialized Dance Lessons tailored to a specific song or

prefer the full attention of individualized personalized lessons ???


 Specialized Individualized & Personalized Dance Lessons with a

Simple Choreography to suit YOU BOTH on your very Special Day 


Your Gift Your Specialized Couples Private Dance Lessons

Prepaid Packages offered 

 3- 5 Packs Prepaid Dance Lessons offered 

1 Hr  *Weekly over 3 Weeks or more Flexi Options Available (over a few Months)

A Simple FUN Choreographed or Freestyle Special Dance to suit both your personalities

& Individual Dance Styles to your own choice of  Music  Slow Medium or Fast. 

Lots of  Professional Dancers tips to make your first dance very special

& memorable from our Immense Knowledge & Dedicated Engaging Infectious

Friendly Energetic Dance Teacher : Belinda Martin 

Uniquely you!

Enjoy a relaxed fun first dance together as husband & wife. 

Learn to dance your very first dance as a couple together tailored to suit both of you


Min 3 Lessons for a simple lovely choreography THIS IS YOUR SPECIAL  DANCE !!!


Practice makes Perfect 


 MON-FRI from 6:30pm-9:30pm 


Private Dance Lessons 1-1 

☆ Specialized Dance Lessons 

 Wedding Dance Lessons/Bridal Waltz  2-1

Tues/Thurs/Fri 8pm-9pm 


We do not offer One- Offs/free trials or Casual Dance Classes



( We will send a Reminder/SMS with our Account details 1 week before your Start Date)

Talk to us/Call us or SMS us anytime with all your enquiries/questions


Rescheduled Dance Classes or Dance Lessons 


TERM 1: 17th Jan 2022-8th April 2022

TERM 2 : 26th April-24th June 2022

☆ Term 3 11th July-16th Sep 2022 ☆ Book Now!

Term 4 : 3rd Oct-20th Dec 2022

Next 6 Weeks BEGINNERS TERMS :: Starts from  JULY/AUG 2022 :: Book Now!

TERM Fees are non-refundable or transferable 


Adults Freestyle Latin Mix with Stretch & Body Conditioning Dance Exercise Classes  @ LVDS Endeavour Hills Melbourne
Flamenco in Melbourne/Flamenco Fiesta Melbourne @ Dromana Estate Winery 2022: Professional Flamenco Shows Melbourne
Flamenco in Melbourne/ Flamenco Fiesta Melbourne @ DromanaEstateWinery2022 Cultural Food & Wine Festivals Melbourne Professional Flamenco Shows Melbourne
Flamenco in Melbourne Flamenco Fiesta Melbourne _ Live Spanish Guitar & Flamenco Dancer Melbourne
Flamenco Shows & Workshops in Melbourne @ MPavilion Victoria Gardens : 2018
Flamenco Dance Classes with Belinda Martin @ La Vida Dance School in Endeavour Hills Melbourne Dance Studio : 2022

🌹 La Vida Dance School 🌹

We are proud to share our Joy Passion & Love for Excellent Music &

Fabulous Dancing with our Diverse Varied Communities 

Over 30 yrs Experience/Expertise Performing &

Teaching FUN Workshops in the Music & Dance Industry 

Experienced/Highly Qualified/Dedicated/Passionate Dance Teacher : Flamenco & Latin Dance 

Accomplished Melbourne Performing Artist & Brilliant Versatile Entertainer 

ALL Enquiries/Bookings 📞 Belinda Martin M : 0422 855 188 

Professional Flamenco Shows Events Functions 📧 flamencofiesta@bigpond.com

Prepaid Term Dance Classes & Private Dance Lessons 📧 lavidadanceschool@bigpond.com 

Our  Dance Studio Location : 2 Nicholson Close Endeavour Hills Melbourne Victoria 3802

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