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Experience a culturally rich  journey through DANCE with Worldly Sounds Colours & Flavours

Flamenco - Spanish Fiestas with FUN Engaging Workshops  

Diverse Fiery Mesmerising Professional Shows

for Corporate Events Private Functions Weddings & Cultural Festivals in 

 Melbourne Victoria Australia 


Flamenco Fiesta Melbourne


🌹 Flamenco Fiesta 🌹



is a TEAM of  Technically Fine Melbourne Based Musicians with Versatile Engaging Flamenco & Spanish Dancers established in MARCH 2011

by the Captivating Dynamic Duo Couple  : Paul & Belinda Martin 

Accomplished  Melbourne Performing Artists & Brilliant Entertainers who performed for many LOCAL 

Musicians - Bands, Theatre Production Companies or Music & Dance Groups including International Theatre Production Company : OPERA AUSTRALIA 

either Locally in Melbourne, Regional Victoria, Nationally or Internationally since 1996 



A culturally rich experience/journey through DANCE with

Worldly Sounds Colours & Flavours


influences from Southern Spain  : Sevilla, Jerez, Cadiz,Cordoba, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona 

  Latin South America : Puerto Rico, Bresil, Colombia, Mexico  & Northern Africa or Tropical Islands 

Live Professional Flamenco Music & Dance Floor Shows with a Spanish Fiesta FUN Workshop to

Engage,  Fire up / Spice up or Ignite  your NEXT Corporate Event-Private Function or Cultural Festival.


LED by the Captivating Dynamic Duo Couple : Paul & Belinda Martin

Spanish Guitar & Flamenco Dancer

Acoustic Music Guitar -Vocals -Duos or Trios -Ensemble

HIRE : LIVE Musicians : Guitarists-Vocals-Percussionists with Flamenco-Spanish & Latin Dancers in Melbourne or Regional Victoria in Australia
Elegant Stylish Spanish Passionate Fiery Flamenco Fun Energetic Fiestas
infectious Cool  Latin Jazz : Worldly Popular or Exotic Mesmerising Sounds with Colours Flavours 
 Influences & Intensity with Dazzling Rhythms from the ancient cultures, the famous gypsies of Southern Spain Andalucia, Northern Europe, Moorish, Jewish, India & Northern Africa
Music and Dance from the Heart Body & Soul 

β˜† Corporate Events β˜†

β˜† Private Functions β˜†

β˜† Wedding Functions β˜†

β˜† Birthdays & Xmas Parties β˜†

β˜† Spanish Theme Events & Fun Fiestas β˜†

β˜† Multi-Cultural Food & Wine Festivals β˜†



Live Spanish Entertainment with

Fire Passion Beauty Grace Strength Percussive Footwork, infectious cool Latin Jazz lighthearted/laid back Sounds or Dazzling Rhythms Flamenco & Fun Spanish Energetic Fiestas 



🌹Flamenco Fiesta Group🌹 : Spanish Guitar & Flamenco Spanish Latin Dancers
🌹 Flamenco Fiesta 🌹 : Live Spanish Guitar & Flamenco Spanish Latin Dancers in Melbourne Victoria Australia SEP 2019

Upcoming Events Functions Festivals in Melbourne Victoria

 Live Performances β˜† Spanish Music & Flamenco Dance Floor Shows

β˜† Fiesta Fun Workshops by


🌹 Flamenco Fiesta 🌹

β˜† Summer 2020 β˜†


LIVE Fiery Mesmerising Flamenco Show on Fri 14th FEB 2020 

( Valentine's Day )

@ Mofo Lounge & Morroco Lounge Prahran 


A wonderfully curated amazing Event promoting Love, Artistry, Beauty with

Fabulous Spirited Entertainers & Amazing Performers 

Your Captivating Dynamic Duo :  Paul  Martin (Flamenco & Spanish Guitar) &

Belinda Martin Flamenco & Spanish Dancer 


Wedding Function on Sat 1st Aug 2020

Your Energetic Trio : George Spanish Guitar-Vocals with Paul  (Flamenco & Spanish Guitar)

& Belinda Martin (Flamenco-Spanish Dancer)


β˜† Please Note β˜†


For a Diverse  β˜† Live Spanish Entertainment β˜† 

β˜† Flamenco β˜† Spanish β˜† Latin Music & Dance Floor Show 

Small Clean Private Office/Room is required  if you are  Booking DANCERS



A RAISED WOODEN Floor Stage is also required for  Flamenco Dancing 

β˜† Ideally 3m x 3m at least β˜† 

Please let us know prior so we can bring our Own Small Wooden Stage



Please provide us with the following info :

Date / Time / Number of Performers required / Number of guests attending 

(Anything from 25 Guests or greater for Sound Equipment and PA requirements)

Venue - Suburb - Private - Public - Indoor - Outdoor


 Spanish Guitarist ? & Flamenco Dancer ?

or Live Musicians : Acoustic Guitarists-Vocals & Percussionist(s)?

or Live Guitarist(s)-Vocals  with Flamenco-Spanish Dancer(s) & Latin Dancer(s) ? 


Performance Time & Distance 1-2 Hrs  or 2-3 Hrs from Melbourne CBD 


β˜† Spanish Guitar & Flamenco Dancer β˜†

β˜† Acoustic Guitar Music Duo or Trios β˜†

β˜† Spanish Guitarists-Vocals & Flamenco-Spanish- Latin Dancers-Percussionists β˜†

β˜† Live Spanish Musicians β˜† Flamenco Dancers β˜† Spanish Dancers β˜† Latin Dancers β˜†






1 Set / 2 Sets / 3 Sets

Anything from (1x15 Mins) (1x30 Mins) (1x45 Mins)

(2x30 Mins) (2x45 Mins) or (3x45 Mins) : Performance Time 

*Weddings : Please allow up to 5 hours*



β˜† An initial deposit : 25% of  Total Agreed Performance Fee within 7 days is the confirmation of  your FIRM BOOKING β˜†


March-April & Sep-Dec are busy months for *Cultural Festivals or *Birthday Private Functions & *Corporate Events or Xmas Parties 


BOOK your Entertainers Directly Call Belinda Martin NOW!  M: 0422 855 188


🌹 Flamenco Fiesta 🌹 @ Dandenong World Fare 2019 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
🌹Flamenco Fiesta 🌹 @ Dandenong World Fare Melbourne Food and Wine Festival March 2019
Live Flamenco Music & Dance Floor Shows with Spanish Fiesta Workshops @ MPavilion Melbourne Victoria Gardens DEC 2018 EVENTS FUNCTIONS FESTIVALS FLAMENCO DANCER & GUITARIST MELBOURNE PERFORMERS ENTERTAINERS
Flamenco Fiesta Group Live Guitarist Paul Martin 2018
Flamenco Show  @ Asado Melbourne Victoria  NYE Fiesta DEC 2018
Live Flamenco Music and Dance Floor Shows @ MPavilion Victoria Gardens DEC 2018 Events Functions Festivals



Thank you for sharing the Spanish Culture with the 900 Kids, Teachers & Staff  from our school

Rhett  & Peng from Laurimar Primary School  MARCH 2019 


Thank you for your beautiful Performance for my mum's 70th Birthday. She was so overwhelmed and happy.

Was a nice touch involving our family & friends in your Performance  Ana & her sister Valle MARCH 2019 


We are incredibly appreciative of the time and energy you put into the day

and felt that it was such a unique and invaluable contribution to the season Jen Zielinska MPavilion  DEC 2019 


Thank you guys , you fired them up alright ! Sally Venue Manager from Asado Melbourne DEC 2018


*So engaging & you involved all during your outstanding Performances & Flamenco Music & Dance Workshops. Thank you!*

Amanda & Andrew from St James Primary School 2018

Trini from St Leonard's College 2017

Robyn from Collingwood Library 2015

Petria from Bass Coast Ballet Kongwak Vic 2013


*Talented Flamenco Dancer with Beautiful Spanish Costumes*

*Mesmerising with so much Energy Fire & Passion in your Spectacular Performances & Brilliant Shows you draw us in,

so very engaging intimate & warm, keeping us in the moment Private Function 2018 


* Effortless Brilliant Shows & Fabulous Entertainment Private Function 2018


Melbourne Food and Wine Festivals : 2012-2019

"You guys  are so awesome one of our best Professional Group for the day!

Andrew & Michael from City of Greater Dandenong  Briony  & Judy from Dandenong Market  

for "Dandenong World Fare"  from  March  2014-2019


"Loved the Flamenco Group" Jeff from Taste Live Gippsland Warragul Showgrounds  Oct 2012

"Thank you for an Outstanding Performance & your Amazing Entertainment making it our most overwhelming Successful Labour Day Weekend EVER from Rick & Marie Owners of  Brandy Creek Wines" March 2012-Dec 2017



 "A HUGE Thank you"  for your Flamenco Performance @ Drum Theatre in Dandenong Town Hall 

for *Diversity in our Community Festival*  July 2014


"You give such warm intimate personalised Shows! So Engaging Professional Brilliant as Performers & Entertainers. You make dancing look so easy & effortless. Your performances are  from the heart, giving us so much joy,  energy & overwhelming Happiness "  1996-2002



Forever Grateful  you touched  our lives & brought so mny memories of our distant land  Our Spanish home towns & heritage 

You bring tears of happiness with your beautiful dancing  2003-2004


 and many more accolades from Functions Corporate Events Wineries & recent Performances

from renowned Restaurant Executive Chefs-Owners & Spanish Head Chefs


"What you do is so Unique & very Special. You fired up  the whole  Audience with a Magnificent Spanish Cultural Experience for our long standing  Opera Patrons  : So AMAZING"

Sidney Myer Music Bowl - Arts Centre Melbourne  & Opera Australia :  Matt & Georgia in  MAY 2014 & DEC 2016

Uniquely Brilliant Talented  Musicians with

Engaging Versatile Renowned Flamenco Dancers for a

Diverse Mesmerising Professional Flamenco/Spanish Fiesta Music & Dance Floor Show


Performers - Teachers - Entertainers - Melbourne Victoria Australia


Spark up! Ignite ! Fire up!


Bringing all Cultures together in Melbourne & Regional Victoria through Performing




Celebrating Inclusivity with all audiences of

Diverse Backgrounds & Life Experiences 


β˜† Restaurants & Wineries β˜†

β˜† Multi Cultural Food and Wine Festivals β˜†

β˜† Weddings β˜† Birthdays &  Xmas Parties β˜†

β˜† Corporate Themed Events & Private Functionsβ˜†


β˜† Flamenco β˜† Spanish β˜† Latin β˜† Jazz β˜† Worldly β˜† Sounds β˜† Colours  β˜† Flavours β˜†


Flamenco @ MPavilion Felices Fiesta DEC 2018
Flamenco Spanish Fiesta Shows & FUN Workshops in Melbourne Victoria Australia Events Functions Festivals 2011
🌹 Flamenco Fiesta Group 🌹 @ Spanish Language Fiesta APRIL 2019 North Melbourne Victoria Australia
🌹 Flamenco Fiesta 🌹 @ Spanish Language Fiesta Summer Festivals April 2019
Flamenco Spanish Fiesta Shows & FUN Workshops in Melbourne Victoria Australia Events Functions Festivals
Flamenco Spanish Fiesta Shows & FUN Workshops in Melbourne Victoria Australia Events Functions Festivals
Flamenco Spanish Theme Performance and Workshop with Flamenco Fiesta Group 2017
Live Flamenco Music & Dance Floor Shows in Melbourne Victoria Australia 2018
Flamenco Spanish Fiesta Theme Events Functions in Melbourne Entertainers Musicians and Dancers Flamenco Fiesta Group
Live Spanish Entertainment: Acoustic Musicians & Flamenco Dancers in Melbourne Victoria Australia
🌹 Flamenco Fiesta 🌹 @ Dandenong World Fare Melbourne Food & Wine Festival : March 2019
Whittlesea Community Festival March 2019


 ALL Enquiries β˜Ž Belinda Martin M : 0422 855 188 or E : lavidadanceschool@bigpond.com

Our  Dance Studio Location : 2 Nicholson Close Endeavour Hills Melbourne Vic 3802

Copyright BCM Productions  ABN : 76 139 395 642



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